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Free download Corporate Governance, 4 edition

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Corporate Governance, 4 edition by Christine Mallin
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0199644667 | 408 pages | PDF | 3,2 MB
Building on the success of the last three editions, this textbook provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students with an accessible and comprehensive introduction to corporate governance. As a renowned expert in the field, Mallin draws upon theory and practice to address the latest global developments and uses topical examples to help students place key theories in context.
Adopting an international approach, this fourth edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the changes in codes (e.g. UK CG code and Stewardship code) and a greater emphasis has been given to the perspective of stakeholders as well as increased coverage of the Mi

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Free download Cases in Corporate Governance

Category: E-Books
Cases in Corporate Governance by Robert T Wearing
English | 2005-05-24 | ISBN: 1412908779, 1412908760 | PDF | 176 pages | 1 MB
With in-depth analysis of nine different cases, several of which have influenced the codes and regulations of corporate behaviour in the UK and America, this book explores the relationship between governance practice and theory.
Each case gives readers the scope to analyze a typical situation, its outcomes, who the main actors were and how they behaved. The book underlines that there are sometimes conflicting views as to what `good' governance is. It will help students clarify their own ideas about why governance fails and what the possible solutions are. Helpful features include:
- Sound and complete coverage of rel

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Free download Entrepreneurs and Democracy: A Political Theory of Corporate Governance

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Entrepreneurs and Democracy: A Political Theory of Corporate Governance (Business, Value Creation, and Society) by Pierre-Yves Gomez and Harry Korine

English | 2008 | ISBN: 0521856388 | Pages: 348 | PDF | 1,3 MB
What legitimizes power within a corporation? This question is of concern to the millions of citizens whose lives depend upon the fate of business corporations. The rules, institutions and practices of corporate governance define the limits of the power to direct, and determine under what conditions this power is acceptable.
Effective corporate governance has long been defined in terms of economic performance. More recent studies have focused on philosophical, political and historical analyses. Entrepreneurs and Democracy unites these strand

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Pick up Securities Markets and Corporate Governance

Category: E-Books
Securities Markets and Corporate Governance by Yuwa Wei
English |2009 | ISBN: 0754671771 | 304 pages | PDF | 3 MB
This book explores the rationalities and functions of securities markets and takeover activities. Focusing on the Chinese experience of utilizing the securities market as an effective mechanism of corporate control, this volume analyses the future development of China's financial market in the era of economic globalization. Providing an overview of the historical development of the securities market and a literature review of the economic functions of stock markets, "" also examines the legal regimes governing securities markets and takeovers in some leading corporate economies including the US, Germany, Japan and the UK. This volume

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Have Private Equity, Corporate Governance And The Dynamics Of Capital Market Regulation

Category: E-Books
Justin O'Brien - Private Equity, Corporate Governance And The Dynamics Of Capital Market Regulation
Published: 2007-12-03 | ISBN: 1860948472 | PDF | 424 pages | 3 MB
Global capital markets are in a state of flux. Castigated in the past as "Barbarians at the Gate", private equity providers are once again proclaiming the end of the public corporation. This important book addresses the implications of private equity for the governance of corporations, the capital markets in which they operate and the professionals who provide corporate advisory services.
The book evaluates and ranks the precise nature of the risk posed by private equity by situating it within an overarching analysis of the dynamics of financial capitalism. Key issues addressed i

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Provide Information governance: concepts, strategies, and best practices

Category: E-Books
Information governance: concepts, strategies, and best practices by Robert F. Smallwood
Wiley | 2014 | ISBN: 1118218302, 9781118218303, 1118419499, 9781118419496 | 464 pages | PDF | 18,9 Mb
Proven and emerging strategies for addressing document and records management risk within the framework of information governance principles and best practices
Information Governance (IG) is a rapidly emerging "super discipline" and is now being applied to electronic document and records management, email, social media, cloud computing, mobile computing, and, in fact, the management and output of information organization-wide. IG leverages information technologies to enforce policies, procedures and controls to manage information risk in compliance with

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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Security,Governance,and Validation

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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Security,Governance,and Validation

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Security, Governance, and Validation
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 2 Hours 11M | Lec: 36 | 314 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This is the third in a series of four courses that will prepare you for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification.

Tags Cloud: Certified, DevOps, Engineer, Security, Validation

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Introduction to Information Governance !

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Introduction to Information Governance !

Lynda - Introduction to Information Governance !
Size: 146 MB | Duration: 1h 11m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

Tags Cloud: Introduction, Information, Governance

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Lynda - AWS for.DevOps Security, Governance, and Validation

Category: Video Tutorials

Lynda - AWS for.DevOps Security, Governance, and Validation

Lynda - AWS for DevOps: Security, Governance, and Validation
Size: 350 MB | Duration: 2h 40m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Advanced | Language: English

Tags Cloud: Lynda, DevOps, Security, Governance, Validation

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Networks and States: The Global Politics of Internet Governance

Category: E-Books
Networks and States: The Global Politics of Internet Governance By Milton L. Mueller
2010 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 0262014599 | PDF | 1 MB
When the prevailing system of governing divides the planet into mutually exclusive territorial monopolies of force, what institutions can govern the Internet, with its transnational scope, boundless scale, and distributed control? Given filtering/censorship by states and concerns over national cybersecurity, it is often assumed that the Internet will inevitably be subordinated to the traditional system of nation-states. In Networks and States, Milton Mueller counters this, showing how Internet governance poses novel and fascinating governance issues that give rise to a global politics and new transnational institutions. Dr